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Think adoption might be right for you?

Placing a child for adoption can be a difficult decision. However, unlike in the past, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot be a part of that child’s life, should you choose. Many adoption methods allow for you to be a presence in their life, even if you are not the one raising them. Regardless of how involved you would like to be with the child, New Beginnings can help provide you with the information and resources you need to make an informed decision regarding adoption.

Before reaching your ultimate decision, it is important to consider why adoption may be the right choice for you and your child. Perhaps it is because you know you don’t want an abortion, but you also don’t feel ready to be a parent. Or perhaps it’s because the child’s father is either unwilling or unable to be a presence in the child’s life. Regardless of why you’re considering adoption, your concerns are valid and justified.


Open vs. semi-open vs. closed adoption

There are three types of adoption available to you:

Open Adoption

An open adoption provides you with regular contact with the child and his or her adoptive parents. An open adoption allows you to choose the family who will be adopting your child, and discuss what your particular arrangement would be like.

Semi-Open Adoption

In a semi-open adoption, there is some communication between the birth parent(s) and the adoptive parent(s). However, this communication is typically limited and is usually done through a third party (for example, the adoption agency).

Closed Adoption

A closed adoption allows for very limited or, more likely, no contact with the child’s adoptive family, and no contact with the child him- or herself.


Regardless of which type of adoption you ultimately choose, please remember that New Beginnings is here to support you throughout the process. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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