Be strong


Empowering teens and young adults to navigate their world and become critical thinkers and decision makers.


#WorthIt mission:

  1. To teach students how to set limits and boundaries, and use refusal skills.
  2. To identify individual love languages and the ways students feel loved.
  3. To help students value who they are and affirm their uniqueness.
  4. To reduce student pregnancy, non-marital childbearing, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. To identify physical, emotional, spiritual, academic and economic consequences of early sexual involvement.
  6. To raise expectations for responsible behavior.
  7. To teach creative dating skills and alternatives to sexual behavior.


#WorthIt Curriculum Areas:

#WorthIt is a data-driven, research-based and medically accurate curriculum which covers the following areas:

Learning about yourself and others—by recognizing their own strengths and the strengths of others, students can comprehend the deeper value and lasting benefits of developing healthy relationships and social support.

Navigating differences—sessions from this unit helps students recognize and celebrate differences in others.  In order for us to live and work together better, we need to increase our understanding and always maintain a person’s dignity and respect.

Friendship, dating, and love—no matter what type of family we come from or what ethnic or cultural background we have, deep within us is a universal desire to be loved well.  This unit empowers students with proven principles to create a healthy foundation for relationships.

Cultural influences—the current cultural climate drives relationship chaos, confusion, and drama.  This section seeks to assist students in navigating their world and becoming critical thinkers and decision makers.

Family formation, committed love, and marriage—this unit includes the meaning and levels of commitment, leadership qualities and characteristics; levels of responsibility regarding money, self-regulation, and protection of property; use of time, educational achievement and job readiness.

Overcoming obstacles and temptations—this unit identifies some of the consequences associated with unhealthy decision making and creates awareness and motivation for healthy boundary setting and making intentional choices.

Dealing effectively with conflict—this unit equips students with healthy conflict resolution strategies.

Leadership and job readiness—becoming a valued employee is critical and essential to the success of the student, and their career goals.  This unit attempts to enhance character lessons through the various units plus teaches leadership qualities and job readiness skills.

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