You Are Loved

The services New Beginnings provides go well beyond medical services and education. We truly mean it when we say that we are here to provide support, and not just prior to and during pregnancy, but afterward as well.

Healthy Relationships  

The needs of the human heart are timeless.  Every person desires to feel connected, attached, affirmed, valued, honored, respected and loved.  We have courses which cover:

  • Learning about yourself and others
  • Navigating differences
  • Friendship, dating and love
  • Cultural influences
  • Family formation, committed love, and marriage
  • Overcoming obstacles and temptations
  • Dealing effectively with conflict
  • and more

Post-Abortion Recovery

One definition of Post Abortion Syndrome is; the chronic inability to process the painful thoughts and emotions about a crisis pregnancy and subsequent abortion(s).  Symptoms can include; guilt, anxiety, avoidance behaviors, psychological “numbing”, depression and thoughts of suicide, re-experiencing, fertility and bonding issues, survival guilt, self-abusive behaviors, anniversary reactions, and brief reactive psychosis.

If you had an abortion experience and are displaying any of these symptoms we offer a one-on-one Bible study designed especially for you; “Her Choice to Heal”.  Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

Pregnancy Loss, Healing Hearts Ministry

New Beginnings Life Ministries offers a one-on-one Bible study for women seeking help dealing with issues from past pregnancy loss (miscarriage, ectopic or stillbirth ). If you have had a pregnancy loss and can answer yes to any of the following questions, this study may be for you. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

  • Are you questioning the cause of the miscarriage?
  • Are you wondering who, what, or whether to tell others?
  • Do people fail to reach out and give you comfort and support?
  • Are you experiencing jealousy of close friends or family members who are expecting?
  • Do you wonder if you did something to cause the miscarriage?
  • Are you experiencing negative thoughts or feelings about your body “failing” to carry a child to term?
  • Are you questioning God, wondering why He allowed this to happen?

You are not alone in these thoughts and questions. Your questions and feelings are quite normal and you are not a terrible person for questioning God or yourself. We are here to help you process these thoughts and feelings through a one-on-one Bible Study called “Anchored”.

Bible Studies & Spiritual Support

Do you desire your relationship with God to be better?  We have one-on-one studies ranging from basic questions to in-depth Bible study.  Contact us for more information.

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