Jessica* has been a client since she was 15 and pregnant.

A few years after we first met, she came back.

Jessica came in for a pregnancy test. While we were waiting for the results, I questioned her regarding her living arrangement. She stated that she didn’t trust men and was happy with just her and her 5-year-old daughter. She later stated that she had only had sex with Nick* on 2 occasions and has had relationships with women. Boyfriend Nick seemed to have issues with her relationships with women, and he stated that he did not have “any sex with men while [he] was in prison for the last 9 years. The test was negative.

Two years later Jessica returned.

Jessica had been struggling in relationships. She had a year-long relationship with a young woman and had recently moved out and reconciled with her boyfriend. Jessica felt that she was needing something but didn’t know what. I told Jessica that she had great potential and was very intelligent. I believed she could make some really good choices with some guidance. Jessica had been searching for meaning to her life and had been doing a “mail-in” Bible study but didn’t understand the Bible when she tried to read it. I asked if she’d like to know more about God. She said “yes” but wasn’t sure about His resurrection. I walked her through scripture and shared the gospel tract. Jessica began crying heavily when she tried to pray the salvation prayer. I let her cry for a while, and then we prayed together. She was unsure what to do next. I told her to pray every day and read her Bible and offered to meet with her weekly and invited her to my church. Her test came back negative…again.

One morning before work, I stopped at a local fast-food restaurant drive-thru for coffee. Jessica was working there and recognized me. The first thing she said to me was, “I know why God brought me to New Beginnings that day.”  I asked her, “Why?” “It’s because He wanted me to know Him.”

I didn’t see Jessica again until a year later, when  I noticed Jessica at church. She had been searching for a home church. A few Sundays had gone by she came to church one Sunday and told me she would not be attending my church because she found a home church now and just wanted me to know. Jessica is a single mom and growing in her faith and relationship with God.

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