On a warm afternoon in July in 2013, I walked into New Beginnings Life Ministries with the intention of volunteering to help women that were hurting because of past choices. Delores met me at the reception desk and we spoke at length in private. I told my story; I was broken. She knew that God had sent me to New Beginnings for healing at which point she introduced me to Rayna, Lead Client Advocate and Abortion Recovery Ministry leader. Rayna and I shared tears and stories. She helped me realize that I was carrying around a lot of guilt, pain, and shame from my past decision to have an abortion.  She went on to tell me about a small group Bible study for abortion recovery. The study consisted of thirteen weekly sessions and I signed up immediately. I wanted to start the healing process as soon as possible!

I completed the study and it has truly changed my life! I am not the person I used to be. Now, God can use my hurt for good because I have been forgiven.

I have since learned that New Beginnings helps so many women and men facing difficult decisions about pregnancy and parenting and so much more. I would encourage every expecting and new parent to participate in the pre-natal and parenting classes offered at New Beginnings. I feel that New Beginnings is a gift from God and all should come and be a part of God’s gift.

I still walk into New Beginnings; but it is to volunteer in the center or most often in the resale store. I also assist Rayna as a co-facilitator of the Abortion Recovery Ministry study. God is good; He put me in a place to be healed and at the same time put loving, caring, Godly women in my life.

I am so blessed to have relationships formed from God. Thank you from my healed heart! ~Debbie Alexander

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