She came into New Beginnings feeling confused and apprehensive. After speaking with a counselor she was excited about the pregnancy and scheduled for an ultrasound the following week. Her ultrasound was inconclusive; she selected this prayer buddy and we encouraged her to see a doctor as soon as possible. Unfortunately, she experienced a miscarriage shortly thereafter and wrote us this note.

Rest in Paradise… I trust in God’s plan for me & I refuse to give up on the idea that life has good intentions. Timing is everything, and God has bigger plans for me in the future. Until we meet again.. mommy & daddy love you forever.


This is my prayer bear they gave me for my baby.

I can’t wait to get it from New Beginnings!



EVERY New Beginnings mom who requests prayer support receives a Prayer Buddy (like the one above) and we pray for EVERY client as she receives pregnancy options counseling.

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