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Understanding Your Options

Though the woman is understandably the focus of any unplanned pregnancy, the men in those relationships still play a vital role in what happens next. An unplanned pregnancy can bring about many questions in men, including:

  • What can I do now?
  • Can she take a pregnancy test?
  • Is abortion an option?
  • Can we place this child for adoption?
  • Could I be a good father?
  • Is my opinion valued in this situation?

First, it is important to understand that these questions are normal and expected. But to answer the last one first, yes, your opinion is valued and does matter, even if you don’t think it does. A partner can be a source of comfort and trust in situations like this, and you can make a real difference in what happens next.

Although an unplanned pregnancy can put you in a difficult or confusing situation, there is still a role for you to play throughout the process. Although many men believe that their opinion doesn’t matter, many women do in fact want to know what is on their partner’s mind. Therefore, communication is absolutely crucial.

It is important for you each to have a good understanding of one another’s thoughts and feelings regarding the pregnancy. This will allow you to have open, honest, and constructive conversations about what to do next, even though the choice ultimately falls on the woman in the relationship. However, we understand that many people find those conversations difficult to start, which is why the New Beginnings staff is here to help guide you through the situation. We can provide you with important information that you may need to kickstart those talks.

If you are a man experiencing an unplanned pregnancy alongside your partner, please contact New Beginnings today and schedule an appointment.

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