For me, NBPC has helped in different ways. I already have two children; they are helping me to prepare for the birth of my third baby, teaching me many things I didn’t even know. They also taught me ways to help my older son and my toddler daughter with behavior, I put all those new techniques to work. Honestly, my children are doing so much better! Even my husband is noticing the big improvement in our children. NBPC is a great resource for the community. Not being able to work due to my pregnancy earning mommy money has been a blessing; making me feel I’m able to help my husband provide for our family.

NBPC has helped us save financially with children’s clothes, baby clothes, diapers, wipes, and other baby needs. Thank you New Beginnings Pregnancy Center!

~NBLM Client


I should start by saying, it has been a great honor and privilege to be welcomed in so many ways at New Beginnings. As a student at Adult and Teen Challenge, I along with my brothers in the program attend a Monday nights class about authentic manhood. These meetings are facilitated by four great men, Bob, Louis, Dan, and Dougal. There men pour into us to help us discover ways we can grow as husbands, fathers, brothers, mentors and mentees. They have taken the time to get to know us individually and as a group. They ask us to write down our personal prayer request and concerns so they can pray for us. This is a blessing in more ways than I can describe. For me, learning the four faces of manhood: the warrior, the king, the lover, and the friend has given me standards to live by and a hope for the man I can be from now on.

The resale shop is also awesome! The ladies that work in there are great too! It’s a tremendous blessing to go in there and shop around even if I am not purchasing anything. Ms. Carol and Kam always stay later than have to for us so we can have the opportunity to look for anything we might need or want. They always make sure we get a good deal. They laugh and joke with us, we always leave with a smile.

As if that was not enough, Mrs. Rayna also blesses us all she can. She has personally given me books that I liked and she also gave me and one of my brothers a special handmade stuffed animal for our daughters. These animals have a story behind them to as part of what they do for expecting moms.

Everyone at New Beginnings really goes all out to make us feel special. We get the chance to give back at least a couple Saturdays a month. You can find us out front mowing and pulling weeds and whatever else needs to be done around the outside. This gives us a way to show our appreciation for everything they do for us. It’s a great time to fellowship and Mrs. Rayna always brings us kolaches and makes us coffee. All in all on behalf of us here at Teen Challenge I would just like to say thank you to everyone at New Beginnings. You have all played an integral role in our growth and inspired us to become the spiritual leaders God has called us to be for our communities, workplace, friends, and family.

~NBLM Client

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