She came to New Beginnings for a pregnancy test; she said she would get an abortion if her test was positive and her boyfriend was in agreement. They showed NO REMORSE about their decision to abort. The pregnancy test was performed, and the result was positive.She allowed our client advocate to share information about the development of the baby and about maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. She asked questions about abortion, and we provided brochures detailing accurate medical information on abortion procedures, side effects, and the importance of making a well-informed decision.

Then the advocate spoke about post-abortion issues. Atthis point the client appeared to be open to changing her mind. With this change in her attitude, the advocate transitioned into discussing how abortion affects the dad. The client did not appear to have realized the dad can be affected by an abortion decision. The client brought up the topic of abortion being a sin and gave the client advocate the perfect opportunity to ask about the client’s relationship with God. She seemed unsure so the advocate shared the plan of Salvation; to which the client replied “I’ve already prayed that prayer”.

Follow-up phone calls were made, but we were unable to reach her. After a few weeks, she responded through our text message system. The gift of life had clearly been chosen for this unborn baby! Each and every life is so important to us and to God. We are thankful for the answered prayers for the life of this unborn baby.

Thank you to our Monarch Prayer Alert Group. Please continue to pray for mom, dad and baby;particularly for the Truth of The Gospel to become more than just a prayer you pray.

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