My Heart Longed for Healing

On a warm afternoon in July in 2013, I walked into New Beginnings Life Ministries with the intention of volunteering to help women that were hurting because of past choices. Delores met me at the reception desk and we spoke at length in private. I told my story; I was broken. She knew that God [&hel

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What would happen if Roe were overturned?

With President Trump’s recent appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, questions regarding the nomination revolve mostly around abortion. The question many are asking is, “What would happen if Roe were overturned?” As a life-affirming ministry, we believe a Supreme Court shif

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    It is no exaggeration to say that New Beginnings would not exist without volunteers; client advocates, male mentors, and resale specialists. Without them, we can’t serve our community. We have a wonderful team of volunteers, but we always need more. Do you have a spare hour or four p

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Stats July 2018

New Beginnings Stats 2017 Jan 1–July 15,2018 Total Clients 1,106 562 # of Pregnancy Tests 359 160 # of Ultasounds 178 89 At-Risk Clients 188 86 At-Risk who chose LIFE 96.28% 93.0% Clients who made a profession of faith 35 18 Moms & Dads Participating in EWYL 1,302 781

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Thank You July 2018

WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE that with the help of generous community donations, we were able to upgrade our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) curriculum! THANK YOU RENTAL SOLUTIONS, DALQUIST PLUMBING AND WALMART FOUNDATION! EWYL curriculum is designed to provide useful knowledge; teaching the skills a youn

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Client Testimonies July 2018

For me, NBPC has helped in different ways. I already have two children; they are helping me to prepare for the birth of my third baby, teaching me many things I didn’t even know. They also taught me ways to help my older son and my toddler daughter with behavior, I put all those new […]

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A Note from Our Executive Director (July 2018)

In this newsletter you will read a lot about the parenting education we offer. Maybe you will ask “Why?”  New moms may not be living close to their mothers; unable to get her help and advice, they need someplace to turn; ‘Women are waiting longer to have children and more mothers are working

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